Can We Demand It All?

On Thursday, our cat Merlin disappeared. She was adjusting really well to her new living space and seemed to be really enjoying being an only cat. We were spoiling her totally. We did not anticipate that she would just disappear. It seemed to come out of no where. I am just going to relate my thought process about this.

At first I got the distinct feeling that something happened to her. Was that fear or Truth? I quickly talked myself out of it, because I reasoned that there was nothing around here that could really hurt her. If she was hit by a car or something like that, surely I would have found her. But, mostly, I just didn’t want to think about the idea that something hurtful could have happened to her. I was making it all up anyway so why not make up a pleasing out come. I  did treatment work surrounding the idea that she was safe, guarded and protected.

Then, I began to get the idea that maybe she could be lost. She’d adjusted to living in her new space for about a week and ventured away and home everyday, but just maybe she got disoriented. I liked this idea better than the first idea and treated for the knowing that nothing can ever be lost in the Mind of God that knows all. Merlin is coming home was my mantra.

Then, I began to wonder if I could just demand that she come home. Jesus did it when he called Lazarus from the grave. Could I just as easily say, “Merlin come forth wherever you are!” I believe I could if I had the faith and belief that Jesus did. I’m not there yet. However, I continued to treat for her return, always knowing the highest Good for her.

Here is where I sit with it now. I’m frankly tired of not knowing where she is. I’m tired of compromising. I want her home. So, I’ve decided that I am keeping my mind stayed on her coming home right now. I am guided and directed to do what I should do, but I expect the Universe/Law to do its part. After all, I do believe that if a bit of information was in the deepest darkest place in the world, it would be made known to me. That is the promise and I have experienced it many times.

There is will power. There is Divine Will. There is concentration. I have felt will power when I am forcing things and thinking my stressed thoughts can bring Merlin home. When I use Divine Will, I am merely using it to direct my thoughts. I am keeping them poised on the thought of her coming home and speaking my word from that place. The only concentration I use is in keeping my thought stayed on my outcome – her safe return.

I have the right to have what I want if it hurts no one. Having my beautiful cat back here with us, happy and contented, bringing joy to her and us, seems like a really good thing to me. I continue to stay true to that thought.

Oh…and there is no such thing as “if it is meant to be…” . That is just something we’ve made up so as not to be disappointed if things do not work out the way we want them to.

There is only one Truth. This is a Universe of order, harmony and balance. Everything is contained within it. It is a loving Universe and is always unfolding for the highest good of all. There are no exceptions to this and I surrender to the Good of Merlin’s return now.  I do what is mine to do and I allow and surrender to the Universe to do the rest.  And so it is!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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