Can We Demand It All? Part II

Yesterday, I wrote about the disappearance of our cat Merlin and my thoughts surrounding it. I questioned if I can demand her return.  I’ve had another day to think and pray on this idea and I want to share my thoughts again as this relates to all areas of our life.

In our teaching of the Science of Mind and Spirit, we believe that we have the Power through the use the Law of Mind in Action to heal all areas of our life. However, what is healing but the revelation of the Truth. That Truth is that God is everything and in and through everything in all Its Perfection. Life is harmonious, balanced. It is a Universe of order and Love. Even in chaos there is order. Life is always on our side. Love backs everything. Life is eternal and forever and ever-expanding.

So how does this relate to Merlin, our missing cat? How does it relate to my ability to pray for her return? I have come to understand that I do not have control over the life of others, whether that life is an animal, a child or any other living thing. I only have control over my own mind and how I use it.

When I speak my word, I am speaking it into the One Mind in which all is contained. We are all one. What is felt in one place is felt everywhere. Of course, receptivity is the other part of this equation. One must be receptive to healing. This is why we do not pray for those who do not ask us to pray. It is absolutely none of our business, besides to know that Divine Right Action is in place through all of life.

What I can pray for is the knowing within my own mind that wherever Merlin is, she is held in the arms of life. She is safe, guarded, guided and protected. I can know that whatever the outcome of this experience, it is for Merlin’s highest good and for mine. I can pray for trust and faith and peace of mind. I can give thanksgiving for her life and all the joy that she has brought to me and Patrick. I can know that the connection we have is always present and glued together by Love. Love is the power that can never be severed. It is the very essence of who we are, whether we are a plant, an animal, the ocean or a human being. We all come from Spiritual Stuff and that Stuff is only Love and Light.

Yesterday, some beautiful children, about six of them, were out playing in the area where we last saw Merlin. We gave them a picture and asked them if they had seen her. They immediately took it upon themselves to run through the fields surrounding our house and look for her. They came back without her. We thanked them and asked them to keep an eye out for her. One little girl about six years old said, “We will keep a good eye out for her.” How profound is that and what a message. We should be keeping a “good eye” out for everyone and everything in our lives. See the good, feel the good, know the good and let life unfold in perfect order. I feel much better today and I have surrendered this whole thing to Love and Law.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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