Where is the Child in You?

There is a passage in the Bible where Jesus is to have said, “Be as little children.” Ernest Holmes writes in today’s reading of Science of Mind, “The life of the child is lived in natural goodness. God is natural goodness. The prison walls of false experience soon build themselves into barriers, shutting out the light, and the child grows into a man, often losing his sense of that inner Guide, leading his footsteps aright.”

Can we identify with this? It seems that experience has piled falsity on us daily. I remember as a child being told, no to this. “You can’t do that. You are to be quiet. You can’t have everything. No, don’t go there,” and many other messages. Our parents were doing what they were taught. But, still, the usual message was no about everything. I am talking from my experience. It is no wonder that we have such a hard time pursuing our dreams and living in the yes of life.

However, there is a simple answer. We can look at it all for what it was – just parents doing the best they could. We could actually forgive them, love them and bring ourselves back to Center. We could be as little children and start all over. We could take our little child by the hand and teach him or her a different lesson. We could, but will we? That’s up to us.

A friend of ours recently went through a challenging situation of having to let go of her vocation and livelihood in a particular institution that she loved very much. She was responsible for a group of children. and they were gathered together to bring closure to the experience. In the midst of something very seemingly limiting, she invited them to look up into the vast sky. “Look up!” How different our experiences seem when we can take the time to look up into the unlimited vastness of the Universe. Be as a little child! Look up and move from no to the unlimited yes.

Ernest continues to write, “Let not the materialist deny us this right, nor the unbelieving cast any reflection of his blindness before our eyes. There is a wisdom and a power not of the flesh, which springs perennially from the inner life – all-powerful and all-wise.”

We all have this power and inner life. It is our truth and we get to turn to it. It’s waiting for a listening ear that really hears.

Today, I understand that being as a little child is not being in denial. It turning back to what I’ve always known. Life is unlimited, inviting me to believe in the magic and trust myself and what I know and what I don’t know.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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