A New Birth

It has been amazing week. There has been so many facets of life in front of me. The loss of Merlin, our cat is deep. It gets a little better each day as we surrender and accept the highest good for her and us. We know there is Divine perfection behind every experience. That is what we teach, and now we are having to practice it, even in this loss.

In the meantime, we are so grateful for everything in our life, including our beautiful Center and its blossoming. Last night, we finished an abundance class that we named “Write Your New Story.” The participants gave their presentations last night, and it was profound. It gives Patrick and I such deep spiritual satisfaction to witness the lights going on all around us. as people shift consciousness and lift themselves into the new.

As Sadasivanathswami from the Hindu Monastery said, “The spiritual life is not an easy life.” This is truth and we do not get away with anything as spiritual beings. When we stay true to Principle there is an answer even in the deepest mystery, like the eruption of the volcano on the Big Island and the massive floods we have experienced here. Everything is shifting and a new consciousness is being born. This is the time to pick ourselves up and look up and out from the new. There is much work for us to do. The trivialities of life, of which I have experienced many in the last few weeks, have no weight against the Power that can pick up a mountain and move it hence.

This morning I went down to walk at the shore on Kealia Beach, when I was met by a startling surprise. I found myself at the top of a twelve-foot cliff of sand. The beach as I knew it was gone and a river was rushing from the mountain to the sea. I just couldn’t believe it. I stood there in awe. How powerful this thing called Life is. When it wants to make a change there is nothing that can stop its flow.

We are that same Life. We have that same Power. We are not separate from Mother Nature or each other. The Divine within each of us is asking for this change, even those who do not know it. Have you felt the Divine discontent? Is something itching to be revealed. We are tired of doing things the old way. Spirit has new ways in store for each of us, as we tune in and let our selves be free from the limited relative world.

What is next? It has to be very, very good. As Emma Curtis Hopkins once wrote, “There is a Good and I ought to have it.” Yes! However, in order to have it, I must be willing to receive it. I am open and ready.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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