We Really Are Perfect

“Always behind the appearance, perfection is.” Ernest Holmes

There is a Divine Perfection behind everything. If there weren’t, we could never heal of anything. We are never fixing anything when we heal; we are merely revealing what is already there, and it is a mental act that then shows up physically.

I’m fixated on this idea today because I am being asked recently what Mental Science Practitioners do? How do we heal? The answer is we do not; although we are healers.

Firstly, I must explain what we believe healing is. We live in a Creative Medium which we call Law that takes the impress of our thoughts and creates our experiences. We are pure Spirit having experiences that are the sum total of what we believe and have thought about  for all our lives. Now we didn’t think of any particular experience, but we have possibly felt a range of emotions and had a constancy of thought surrounding our well-being. Some of this comes from race consciousness (the prevalent thoughts of the people we have an affinity to or the culture we live in.) Some of this comes from the way we are brought up. Some of this comes from the experiences we’ve had that form new beliefs.

So, here we are living the emotions, thoughts and feelings sometimes unconsciously, and walking through life subject to the Law of Averages. “Whatever happens; happens.”

But now, I know that I can change this. I can know something different. “Trained thought is more powerful than untrained thought.” I can begin, as they would say in Quantum Physics, to re-wire my brain by re-wiring my consciousness. This is what Spiritual Mind Treatment does. Because there is a Creative Medium that receives the impress of our thought and acts upon it, we can, through practice and spiritual inner work and building our own consciousness to think anew, have a different, new result show up in our lives.

And, how do we do this for another person? Well, we all live in this one atmosphere, this one Creative Medium. We are always thinking into it. Our individuality is our own individual use of it. I cannot change your mind, but I can change my mind about you. When I do and when I see your perfection in my own mind, I am knowing that into the Creative Medium, the one Mind in which we both live. If I have enough belief, clarity and conviction when I speak my Word, if there is no doubt in my mind of your perfection and you are receptive to the change, it makes itself known in the world of form. You are having your own change of consciousness and when you do, you reveal your truth or your spiritual perfection shows up in form.

It’s not complicated. It is really very simple. Why doesn’t it always work the first time? It’s all those inner beliefs that need to be released and sometimes it takes time. Not because the methodology takes time, but because it takes us time to change our consciousness – to realize what all along has been true. “There is a Divine Perfection behind everything.”

There really isn’t more to this. I believe these words sum it up, “It is done unto you, as you believe.” We are not doing anything. We are just allowing and accepting what is already our True Nature to unfold and reveal itself. Clear the foggy glass, and you will see the perfect picture.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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