How Do I Communicate?

This is the question for the week in James Mellon’s Mental Muscle Spiritual Boot Camp. It is a good one, too. What I am realizing as I move into my week of communication on many levels is this: if I have a clarity of intention and a lot of self-respect and mutual respect for the person/s I am communicating with, then my communications should follow in the highest most appropriate and fulfilling place.

I have recently had some communication that has not transpired that way although I thought that I was doing just that. This is what I realized. Communication is also a two-way street and although, I might be clear, it is possible that the person I am communicating with does not, at this point, possess the same clarity, intention and self-respect that I do. So what then?

This morning the Science of Mind reading was perfect for me. “We are to look for God in each other and love this God, forgetting all else. But would this compel us to accept from people that which is not good? Of course not! It is not necessary for one to make a doormat of himself in proving that God is love, for this would be like suffering for righteousness’ sake, which is always a mistake.”

This assists me to know that I can love someone else and see God in them, but I do not have to engage with name-calling and other behavior that is not respectful. I can love the God in them and dismiss the rest. I can, as my mentor has said,  “Know for them the highest and the best and the furthest.”

However, I must also consider that I have attracted this experience to myself to know something. “If you spot it, you got it.” What have I learned? Just what I started this writing out with – I need a little more self-respect. Thinking the highest and best for my life and appreciating and loving myself and seeing this in others will cause me to attract the same. I stick with that.

As I wrote yesterday, I am living life to learn and to change what I have not learned to learning.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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