They Can Take Care of Themselves

We have a lot of feral animals here on Kaua’i. There are feral chickens, feral cats, feral pigs and a myriad of birds, geckos and other creatures.My husband and I have at times over these five years of living here had relationship with all of them. Some we have fed to the point of allowing them to take over our yards. When we lived in Princeville it was chickens and cardinals. Upon our move to Kapa’a, we let the feral cat world invade us, welcoming them with kit and kaboodle.

Today, a mother and her six chicks crossed our yard and although for a brief moment I wanted to throw them a few bread crumbs, I quickly stopped and realized I am finished feeding feral animals. They know how to make their way, so why do I think I can give them a better life? Why am I enabling those creatures who know quite well how to do it for themselves?

I could even take this idea into my ministry. Am I enabling those who come to me or empowering them? Am I inviting them to ponder another way of being or am I telling them this is the way.

My ministerial mission is to awaken those who come to me to their innate ability to heal themselves and to their true nature. It means giving of myself and then stepping aside to allow each person to accept and embrace what is their to accept and embrace. I am not here to change anyone, or to make their life better. I am merely here to serve in my best way and to be an example of love. I offer what I have learned, if someone asks me. I do not go where I am not invited. I do not foresee trouble where there is none.

Have you noticed that people, for the most part, like their lives just the way they are. If someone wants help, they will ask for it. And then, my job is to empower them to solve their own challenges by inspiring them to try something new.

I’m grateful for this bit of wisdom that I have learned from the feral world. I’m not sorry for any of my past blunders, if you want to call them that. Each point in this journey has unfolded exactly in the right way for all concerned. I am now merely giving back to others what was theirs to do in the first place. How freeing that is to not be responsible for the whole world.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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