When It All Comes Up

So, here we are in our new beautiful home and the sh-t has hit the fan – literally.

It began like this…  We have a big sunken tub and I’d been getting the nudge to use it. It was a strong nudge, not just based on the gift of giving myself a moment of nurturing, but something within me saying, “Use it! Make sure it works.!”

What an absurd nudge. It took me about three weeks, but I went out and bought myself a wonderful, luxurious bottle of bubble bath. I filled the tub and truly enjoyed the inner peace that a bubble bath truly savored can bring.  Then, I drained the tub.

No sooner had I done this, and we noticed a strange gurgling sound in our guest bathroom. The toilet was rising. We shut it off and of course texted our landlord to document the event.

To cut to the chase, there is a huge plumbing, sceptic problem in this home that will entail the digging up our yard and possible removal of us from the house for a period of time. Wow! Are you waiting for the metaphorical metaphysical message in all this?

We did our Spiritual Mind Treatment work all through this, affirming resolution and the highest good for all. The miracle for me is this: I have not angst or doubt about the fact that my life is unfolding perfectly and this experience is resolving itself in the most perfect way.

On a metaphysical level, I chuckle. I took care of myself, nurturing myself with the initial act of taking the bubble bath. I look at this as what Rev. Donna Michael would call – “The last gasp of a dying fear.” Just when we are making that step to move forward, she says, everything could come up to give you reason to run back.

I’ve asked to step my life up. I’ve manifested the perfect home and am about to move into the next incarnation of CSL Kaua’i’s Global Vision. When we step up our life, it doesn’t mean everything is smooth sailing. Remember, we lost our Merlin, too. (See my previous blogs of last week.) However, when we are practiced in our Spirituality we are smooth sailors, even when the waters are not smooth. We realize that we are equal to whatever shows up and have everything within us to meet anything.

When we met with the Swami of the Hindu Monastery recently he shared with us a dilemma he had met during the floods. He said he kept affirming to himself that there is a Divine Perfection behind everything, even though it looked like a chaotic mess. Yes, that is the Truth.

When we think we are in chaos, there is always a Divine Perfection behind everything. Whatever is in front of us is something asking to be revealed. We just have to look through it. Feel it. Deal with it. Know.

The other question we always ask ourselves as Religious Scientist is what is my part in this? Why is this showing up for me? In our case, I believe that we were put in this house as part of its healing process for us, the owners and all involved. The story is not necessary here, but there is a lot in need of clearing. When the property manager said, “I believe you are the perfect people for this house,” I know there was a deeper meaning to that statement. She might have not even known why she said that.

I am grateful for my life, this home and all that is unfolding. I know my highest good is always at hand. I know there are no mistakes. None have ever been made. None will ever be made. We always show up at the perfect time in the perfect place with just what is needed to greet whatever is before us.

When it all comes up, we are being asked to Move UP.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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