Before They Call…I Will Answer

There is a statement of Truth, “Before they call, I shall answer.” How can that be? How can someone answer me before I call. This passage in Isaiah is letting us know that all the answers are already here. We just have to accept them and welcome them. What a great and comforting knowing that is.

I liken it to being in a restaurant. All the food is there in the restaurant displayed on the menu. It’s all ready to be ordered. All we have to do is place the order. When I go to a restaurant sometimes, I look at the prices before I order. Especially if someone else is paying. Even for myself, sometimes I am on a budget. I do not like those limiting times. I prefer to walk in knowing I can have whatever I like. I’ve been doing that more lately. Stretching my comfort zone just a bit.

The reason I would limit myself is because I am looking at my finances from a relative point of view. That can sometimes be okay, because we have to start where we are. However, we also have to step up and expand.

The Universe is not limited. It is full abundance and prosperity. Have you ever just looked at a tree and its multitude of leaves that continue to grow and fall to the ground and grow again? What about the grains of sand or the ocean itself? I was running on the coastal path surrounded by infinite blades of sugar cane. It was ridiculous!

Nature is abundant to overflowing and so are we. It’s constantly ready for us to open up and accept more and more and more. Not in things, but in the consciousness of things. My friend told me a story where she did an experiential exercise of hanging over a cliff while being supported by ropes and harness. The objective was just to lean out and experience the feeling of being on the edge. She did it once and realized that she was holding back. She did it again and used the words, “I took it all in.” From that moment, her perspective on the infinite was shifted.

How many times have we really taken it all in? I think if we did, we might experience a bit more fullness in life in all ways.

The Universe is here within us, “How may I serve you?” it asks. It’s up to us to place the order and we can only do it with a full consciousness if we want a full life. And, if we do not like it, we can send it back and order something else. The Universe doesn’t care. I just says yes.

I am finding that gratitude is the key to everything. “Before you ask, I will answer…” and “Before you ask, give thanks for everything.” We can do that because it is already here. Giving thanks affirms that we know that.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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