What Do You Really Want?

The question for the week for me is “What Do I Really Want?” I will ask myself this question as I awake in the morning, in every encounter, as I embark on a task, as I think of CSL Kaua’i and its future, and any other time that seems appropriate.

I heard about a marriage breaking up. When the person spoke about the situation they had with their spouse, I could see that when they got married they might not have asked this question “What do I really want?”  I know that was true for me in my first marriage. It wasn’t until later that I realized the two of us wanted different things. Of course, I realize that what we want can change and should, but there is a deeper knowing that comes with this question.

In order to truly answer the question, we have to know ourselves. In order to answer this question, we have to delve into ourselves. What is our passion? What would we do with our life if we had no restrictions at all? How would we express ourselves and live without limits?

If we answer the question, “What do we want?” then the next question is why. Why do we want this? Let’s say we want more money in our life. Perhaps that translates to “I want to feel secure?” This question will lead to another and then another and then another until we truly get to the core. When we reach that core, we will know our true purpose.

Everything that expresses that purpose might change, but that purpose will remain steadfast because we will truly know ourselves – our real selves.

Truly knowing ourselves is a life-long journey, and when we follow it with clarity, we will have less of those bumps along the way. All the bumps are, whether they be a marriage, a job that we shouldn’t have taken, a financial dilemma or anything else, are just us getting to know our true selves. There is nothing wrong with any of it. I am grateful for every moment.

I love the journey of life. The more I take responsibility for myself and my path, the richer it gets, the deeper I get, the clearer I get.

What do you really want? You might consider going down the rabbit hole, but it is worth every moment.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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