How Am I Going to Do That?

When I ask myself what I really want and when I spend time with myself visualizing that, there is one area I must stay away from. That area is what Mike Dooley calls, the “cursed hows.” In the Science of Mind we call it “outlining” or naming where your good is coming from.

Trying to figure out how something is going to happen really clogs your ability to manifest your desires and dreams. Our only job in the creative process is to focus on what we want to experience and stay poised in that knowing. The Universe or Divine Intelligence or Law of our Being will bring it to us.

Lately, we are focusing on our next step for CSL Kaua’i. It is a big vision and if I tried to figure out how it was going to happen, I’d probably stop right now. My only job in this venture, as I co-create with the Law, is to focus on my what and why and then move from that place.

I used to think I had to wait until everyone else was in alignment with me, but now what I know is that I am the one who needs to be clear and aligned. I do not need agreement that it is okay to go forward. Those who are aligned with me will come forward and find their place in the vision. I am always fully supported by the Universe and it shows up in a myriad of ways and a multitude of people.

So, here I am at the beginning of another day, certain of my vision for the future and open to the how and the who. I am willing to do what it takes in the relative world and I know that I am guided and directed inwardly every step of the way.

What I know about visions such as the one Patrick and I have is that they have a momentum and path of their own. It is more like we are riding it than guiding it.  We become so at one with it that it is us.

When I left for Kaua’i, five years ago, my mentor sang a song to me called “Amazing Things.” There is a phrase in it that says,  “You don’t have to work it out. Just stay in the here and now. Let your mind rest for a little while. Sometimes deepest answers come when you’re out their having fun. So, close your eyes and take a breath and smile.”

The clearer I get on the truth that Spirit is moving through me to accomplish all that needs to be done, the easier this journey is. The little bumps along the way are only my indecision and my thinking that I have to hold on to something or do it my way. The freedom comes from letting go, surrendering, having faith and just being clear on what I really want and moving from that place into action and taking lots of breaths along the way.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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