A Spiritual Clearing

Yesterday, we experienced a great spiritual metaphor. It began with a plumbing problem in our home. For about two weeks, we have tried to do everything but address the true cause: Everything needed to be cleared out in the form of pumping out the septic tank. That finally happened yesterday. The feeling that pervades the house right now is one of total peace. It is palpable.

So, I ask myself. Have I pumped out my spiritual septic tank or am I continuing to put band aids on things that need to be addressed, confronted and released? It takes courage to do this and it all begins by asking  myself (as I wrote yesterday): What do I really want?

Once I’ve asked the question, I have to be willing to hear the answer. Sometimes that answer is not easy to hear because it contradicts everything I thought I wanted. It is something that has perhaps laid dormant for a long time, that I kept putting a temporary bandage over.

However, like the septic tank I have to be willing to allow the clearing. I have to be willing to make the decision. I  have to be willing to be okay with the life changes that decision might create in my life. And, just like we had to leave the house yesterday to allow the work to be done, I have to clear my small self out-of-the-way to allow the clearing to take place. I might have to let go of everything.

Ernest Holmes once wrote that life is lived on three planes: spiritual, mental and physical. It is only when all three are lived simultaneously – Spirit being at the top, intuiting our mental life, and then manifesting as our physical life – that our life is most harmonious and balanced.

If we find ourselves unbalanced and inharmonious it might be that perhaps Spirit is not leading the way – that we think we can control our mental atmosphere by changing something in the world of form first. It might be that we are side-stepping what’s really coming up to be known and cleared.

I continue to ask myself today what I really want and I continue to not be afraid to really hear the answer and make the changes in my own consciousness first. Consciousness is where the clearing takes place. Everything else follows.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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