God Makes a Way…

What a beautiful day! I am so grateful for my life! As I awake this morning, we are still confronted with the challenge of a plumbing system that is not working properly. How can I be grateful? After numerous attempts to solve the problem, it is still not resolved. How can I be grateful? Something is coming up (literally) to be healed. This is why I am grateful. And, I do not ignore the facts, but I can look through them to the Divine Perfection that must reveal itself.

First, I must see straight. I must see clearly. I must know that in the Mind of God – the Divine Mind – the resolution is already completed. I stick to this. Once I have taken care of everything in the world of form, once I have done my best to resolve the issue, then there is nothing else to do, but to surrender. I am in that state right now with one clear intention – I live in a harmonious, balanced, loving house that is working perfectly and enjoyed by all who live here and all who enter its doors.

This is my already established premise: my life is unfolding perfectly. If this is the case, then this, too, is a perfect unfoldment. Coming from what I really want, now I can move from that place into action, knowing a secure and perfect resolution. I must look to what is working, instead of what is not.

So, as this new beautiful day begins and as I get ready to go meet our ohana at CSL Kaua’i, I know that this experience is now complete. I ask, “Is there anything else that needs to be released or embraced on my part?” I will listen for the answer. I know that nothing can be resolved without surrender. I also know that I do not need someone else to fix this for me. One alone in consciousness with the infinite is all I need. I do not wait for everyone to be aligned with me. I align and then everything is attracted to me. The Universe waits. It waits on us; not the opposite. “Before they call, I will answer.” I must step out on the precipice of all my doubts and fears, surrender and know that I am caught.

God makes a way where there is no way! Do I think that pipes and septic tanks are an exception? No! God makes a way where there is no way. I get out-of-the-way of how this happens, and I know it has already happened.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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