Am I Complete?

I just listened to a beautiful and heart felt video message from Gregg Braden where he shared an experience he had at the top of Mt. Sinai. He was about to choose between following his heart into deep spiritual study and exploration or staying in the scientific world. This choice was forced upon him by a superior who said you can’t do both.

The question that came to him at the top of Mt. Sinai was “If I were to leave this planet right now and never be able to come back again, would I feel that I had completed my life and what I came here to experience and accomplish? Would I feel complete?” The answer he got was “no.” Then he asked himself ‘What would it take for me to feel complete?”

I was really struck by these two questions and I can see that their answer would allow any of us to bring ourselves to our path of the heart. It all goes along with what I have been writing about all week, “What do I really want?” One of the most common occurrences at the time of death for people is that they feel regret about the way they lived their life – that they didn’t do enough of this or that.

So, in going deeper into what I really want, I can see that meditating on these questions would be of great assistance. Right now, I believe that I am being asked to step up in a greater way. I believe that I am asking myself to step into all the Power that I talk so much about. This is a humbling experience and a deep journey into myself.

How would you answer these questions? We do not have to go to the top of Mt. Sinai to ask, but we do need to take the time with ourselves to sit long enough to ask and to truly listen to the answer.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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