How Do I Vibrate?

I vibrate at the level of the Divine. I learned this beautiful new and ancient mantra yesterday, based on a talk by Dr. James Mellon. He spoke about his experience at a meditation with the Brahma Kumaris.

So, I am using this powerful mantra. It is changing my way of experiencing the world and with those I associate with, too. If I am vibrating at the level of the Divine what else can I do but be loving, be loved, be clear, sit in Divine Power, be healthy, be wise…the list goes on.

“I vibrate at the level of the Divine.” Isn’t something I can just say once and expect it to work. I must repeat it over and over. I must truly take it in. I must use it. I must draw myself back to it and contemplate on it. I must apply it over and over, and when I catch myself falling back, I must pull myself back on track. As the Swami said, “the spiritual life is not an easy life.”

It isn’t. It takes discipline, practice and consistency. It takes looking inward on a continuous basis before looking outward. It takes time. It takes a lifetime. It is a journey, not a destination. It is a unfoldment, a peeling back. It is a constant willingness to let go, surrender and stay open. It takes change. It takes the willingness to change.

However, it is the most rewarding journey that we will ever take if we are truly willing to embark. When we vibrate at the level of the Divine even the bird’s song sounds different.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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