How Can I Be Divine?

What does it take to vibrate at the level of the Divine? Well, let us define Divine for ourselves. For me, it means the conscious awareness of oneness. I am Divine and that is what I see when I look out from myself. My inner life is so steeped in Love that there is nothing else. I have released any sense of separation from others.

Perhaps the two great commandments explain it to us: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22:37

Since I do not believe in an outside God, for me the first commandment means soaking myself – body, mind and soul – in God or Good or Love. It is my love of self, a realization that comes through deep contemplation and opening. That then extends outward to my neighbors.

The enemy to these two commandments is self-condemnation and judgement.  Can I see only good, even in what I conceive as the most difficult places?

Just a little example…As you might know from my blogs lately, we had a plumbing problem in our home. It is resolved now, but it didn’t happen until I had a shift in consciousness.  I found myself staring at the condition waiting for it to change; however, I was staring from the consciousness of the very thing I wanted to change. I was staring at the plugged up tub. It wasn’t until, I turned away and turned to what I wanted to experience and affirmed it that the shift took place.

You know the saying, “If we spot it, we got it.” If I’m looking at the problem and wrong in everything, how can I say I am vibrating at the level of Divinity? Divinity doesn’t see problems and wrongdoings; it sees through them to the perfection. If I can’t see the perfection, I must focus my lenses until I can.

I believe, for some reason, we are reared to see the troubles and mistakes of ourselves and others and the world. This takes re-thinking, re-affirming and re-programming.  If you know the Parable of the Prodigal Son, you might remember that the son didn’t have to do anything, but turn back to the Father. The Father was there waiting. This little story gives us a great message. No matter what…we are Divine. It is us that needs to recognize it. The door of Love and Light swings inward.

So, how do I take this to the streets today? Otherwise, it is only a theory. I believe it is by my willingness and commitment to get real disciplined with myself – to really only allow myself to focus on what I want to experience and see through everything that is presented to me to the Real Deal. This does not mean that I by-pass my feelings or say everything is okay when it isn’t. It does mean, I get out of judgment, labeling and blame and into solutions, love and acceptance.

How does this show up as action? It comes back to the question “How can I serve today?” It comes back to nurturing myself with lots of caring, deep breaths and centering. This will allow me to be ready when my assignments for the day show up. As Michael Beckwith said, “What is my assignment today?” I love that question and I love the truth that God is answering it as me.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

One thought on “How Can I Be Divine?

  1. I continue to wonder what the “some reason” is that we easily see troubles and mistakes and that we have to “discipline” ourselves to see the Good. It surprises me every time I discover someone I admire in a leadership role who struggles with self-judgment. And that I continue to do so myself!

    Why doesn’t seeing the Good come naturally to more of us? I do know one person (my husband!) who nearly always sees from the perspective of Good (without discipline!), so I know it is possible. I’d like to “blame” parents for the ease or the struggle we experience to see first the Good, but I see no difference in the amount of criticism or expectations doled out to my husband and me as children.

    Ah, the mysteries of life. Rather than expending energies further on knowing the reason, I shall join you in asking, “How may I serve today?”


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