The Blessing

Ernest Holmes once wrote, “We cannot expect our food to agree with us if we are constantly condemning it.” I have lived by this statement even before I read it in The Science of Mind. I believe in moderation when eating, and I do my best not to put anything into my body that I cannot totally bless as good for me.

I want to take this statement even further than food. We can’t expect our bodies to agree with us if we are constantly condemning them. Last night I listened to a wonderful lecture by Rev. Diane Decker on the Unity Movement and Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. Myrtle spent much time blessing her body and affirming its goodness and healed herself this way.

It is so important to bless our bodies even when we are not feeling well. Spirit is backing these bodies and is working 24/7 to make sure they work for us. Do you think of yourself as a body or a soul in a body? We are Spirit and blessed to have these amazing biological miracles that house our Spirit while on this earth plane. I am going to be more conscious of gratitude and appreciation for my body every day.

And what about the situation in our country right now. I know it is hard to do so, but we have to find something we can bless instead of condemn. It doesn’t mean we sit around and do nothing about situations like what is occurring with the immigrants in our country recently. But, it does mean that we must stop condemning and start blessing everything as being resolved and moving in the direction of wholeness. If one small step is taken that helps things along, being grateful about it will do much more than focusing on everything else that is wrong. This is something that is going to take all of us working toward a loving solution.

What else are we condemning right now. I invite us to turn it around and begin the blessing. You are a blessing. I am a blessing. God is Good and that Presence lives within each of us. The more we can recognize it, even silently, the more it will appear everywhere. .

Have a beautiful day. I am going to do my best to see the blessing in everything and everyone.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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