Why Do We Suffer?

Ernest Holmes, the Founder of Religious Science, put many philosophies together to for what is called the Science of Mind and Spirit. Through a lifetime of studying and writing he was able to answer many questions that we all have. The one question that seems to stump us all is “why do we suffer?”  Through studying the true of the ages, he answered this question, too.

I do not watch the news, but I do know what is going on. The situation with the families that are being separated at the border of our country is probably one of the most horrific things that has occurred in a long time. I might not know everything about politics, but I do know that this is wrong and inhumane. Yesterday, I wept because I felt helpless to stop it. I wanted to run there and do something.

There is a quote by Thomas Troward the mystic and writer, “If we do what we are able to do today, it will open the way for us to do something better tomorrow.” This helps me understand that running off into a situation with nothing to back myself but emotion and panic, will get me nowhere.

What can I do today. Well, the one thing I know I can do is pray and I do believe in prayer. I do believe it changes everything. I know that I can focus my mind on resolution instead of the problem. I can know the highest outcome for these families and I can know that God makes a way where there is no way. I can then know that I am guided and directed to do what is mine to do.

I must listen. What am I being led to do. Making calls and writing letters to senators and congressman is one thing. This all might seem trivial given the enormity of the problem, but it is not. I know this because when I make one effort, there is a ripple effect.

There is one bit of truth that I always rely on and it is this. “One alone in consciousness with the Infinite constitutes a complete majority.”  This means that I do not need anyone else to know something to make it true and to move law. Law moves when each of us use it by believing.

“We must consciously know that we can use creative power. The more complete such acceptance on our part, the more completely we shall be able to use this power for definite purposes.” Ernest Holmes

The time is here. There is a great awakening. We cannot change things by uses old methods of fighting and anger and bullying others around to make them see our point of view. I believe we are being asked to go inward and begin to use the real power we have and that is our minds used with the power of love. Not just in this big national issue, but everyday. We must mend all our relationships to everything.

Why do people suffer?  “The Divine Plan is one of Freedom; bondage is not god-ordained.” We are free to choose how we will use our minds and how we will act. If we look at every experience, we will see that behind it is an idea, a thought. If we can reduce everything to a thought, we can change the thought. By changing the thought, we can change the experience. We do this by changing our relationship to it.

How does this help this horrendous situation right now? By seeing the outcome as resolved and then speaking out and taking action. We have so much at our fingertips today. Social media is a gift. They didn’t have it during the holocaust. We do not have the same excuse. We know what’s going on. We must be led by love FOR EVERYONE!

“Love is a Cosmic force whose sweep is irresistible.” All the mystics from Jesus to Gandhi to Martin Luther King, Jr. These people changed the world of their times, and there were many more who did the same. We are the ones now who are called. We must get our own houses in order first and then move out from that place.

So, I invite us all to stop looking at the problem and turn to the solution – mentally, emotionally and physically.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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