Beyond Sunday

My spiritual life goes beyond Sunday. It always has. From the time I was a little girl, a practicing Catholic, I took the ceremonies and rituals beyond Sundays. I baptized animals, married my friends, officiated the neighborhood squirrels’ and birds’ funerals. I was constantly living my spirituality.

But, now I’ve taken it even further. I have passed the world of rituals and dogma. I’ve found and embraced a spirituality that demands that I take it into practice. In fact, my type of spirituality demands that I take Spirit into living. Meditating on a hilltop and staying there is not going to assist me in growing or serving the world. In the Science of Mind and Spirit, we take spirituality to the streets. We use it at the grocery store. We use it while talking to our neighbors. We use it when we visit the doctor and get a diagnosis. We use it all the time.

How do we use it? We live by an already established premise that states that “All is God.” Substitute the word Good for God and you have it in a nutshell. We live from that already established premise and then we set out to prove it everywhere.

For myself, when I fall off or forget, I am pulled back by Spiritual Mind Treatment. I stop what I am doing – whether it is lamenting about the political world or ranting about what someone just said to me – and I treat that right where I am God is. Through whatever I am in the middle of experiencing, something is wanting to be revealed. Claiming that all is for me, not against me, I am open to knowing it.

I will give you a little example. We had an issue with the gardening situation at our home recently. It was easy to go into blame and feel threatened by the people who might not give us what we want – our lawn cleaned by the end of the day. When we went into treatment it was to state the already established premise that there was flow and resolution to the situation. We would know what was ours to do. If it meant renting a loan mower, we could not be threatened or be left stranded. God resolves all things through us. We then went on to live our day and give where we could give. By the end of the day, through a series of circumstances, everything was resolved.

The world really, in essence, is perfect. We are the ones who make the struggle up. If we would instead, see the world the way we want it to be and live from that place right where we are, we would begin to experience it. We would know exactly what was ours to do and we’d leave the frustration of trying to change and fix things from the outside in.

Really, we must go beyond the good feeling we feel on Sundays or Saturdays or any day at our different rituals and spiritual practices and really practice what we are preaching and experiencing by taking it into our lives everyday.

Living from already established premises of failure and a doomsday philosophy will get us just that. Living from a premise of success and love and moving our feet will get us more of the same.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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