Happy Birthday, CSL Kaua’i

I am reflecting this week and also advancing forward. I dedicate this week of my blogs to the last third of my life here on the earth plane, called Center for Spiritual Living Kaua’i. It is about to celebrate its fifth birthday. I will refer to it by its abbreviated name: CSL Kaua’i.

How did it really happen? How did two people decide one day to leave everything and cross the Pacific Ocean with a 4′ x 4′ pallet and four suitcases and think they could start their own ministry? In the forward of my book: “You Have No Idea (And, Neither Did We) which is in progress, I wrote…

In 2011 when I graduated from ministerial school, I knew and claimed that I would be a full-time minister of New Thought. I also knew that I would start my own work with my husband and partner, Patrick Feren.

Why are own work? We are creatives. We have a vision. We require the freedom to be inspired in our own way. We didn’t think we could do this with the background that taking over another Center brings with it. Also, this thing called the Science of Mind and Spirit, which we felt deeply and passionately about, needs to spread its wings across our world. We wanted to assist in doing that. We have the energy and love to do it. We believe in the Principles because we have experienced them in our own life.

As I look back on the progression of my life as a minister, I see that the first thing I did was to let go of the things that didn’t fit me anymore. The first of those things was my job that served me so well while I was in ministerial school. I became a full-time minister in the fall of 2011, when I went to work for Dr. James Mellon. And then, when we finally decided to make the move to start our own work, when we knew that we had to fly, I had to leave that, too. I had to let go of everything that had served me well and gave me security in order to make the next step in my evolution.

So, now here I am over six years later and five years into our ministry here on Kaua’i. Well, firstly, I can see how right a decision I made back then. I have never been happier or more fulfilled in my life, except for having my three beautiful children. CSL Kaua’i is a creation, too. CSL Kaua’i is a creation sent from Infinite Intelligence and Love through Patrick and me. We gave it life and that is very rewarding.

Rearing children, as I well know, is a journey that isn’t necessarily always easy or pretty. It has its times of joys, sorrow, stretching, frustrations, triumphs and setbacks. So does the growth of a Center. And, just as rearing children, it takes faith, trust and love. If I am ever in doubt, I go back to my original vision and ask myself – “Do I still believe in this? Am I still living this? Am I still needed here? Is this still the most important thing in my life? Is this still mine to do?”

I have had to ask myself these questions many times. Sometimes, many times a day when something is occurring that sweeps me off Principle. Yes, I, too, can be swept off Principle. However, not for long; because I have trained myself on how to get back on my surf board and ride the wave. I have learned that there has never been an instance when clarity, faith in our vision, and most of all LOVE has not set everything right or as we say here in Hawaii “pono,” which means to make things right.

In order to make things right, the first thing is to realize that nothing is ever really wrong. All that ever happens at those times of conflict or dark nights of the soul is that we have forgotten who we are. Making things right is always coming back into alignment with the Principle of Love. Beginning with self-love and forgiveness, we can move out into any experience and have the most perfect outcome. Getting out of the way of structuring that outcome or how it will happen or even what it will be is pure faith in the idea that we live in a Universe that is always for us. That would include all of us.

At Centers for Spiritual Living, we claim that we believe in “A world that works for everyone!” In order to have a world that works for everyone, we must be clear, stay poised in love and acceptance and trust that everyone is exactly where they need to be. If it is in our field of experience, there is something to know for us. We must step away from controlling others and take responsibility for ourselves. We must step out of being in reaction and into responding with love. As Michelle Obama spoke these words, “when they go low, we go high.” I add that even when others go high, we still must always go higher.

When we began this Center for Spiritual Living Kaua’i, we claimed that it would be a healing and teaching Center. It was founded on Love and I keep my vision poised on that claim, knowing that I am Love, and all that is infused in this Center in the way of people, ideas, relationships – all of it – is poised in that Love.

Ernest Holmes once wrote, and it is one of my favorite of his quotes, “Love is a Cosmic Force whose sweep is irresistible.” That is who we are – all of us. I am here to recognize it in you and to know myself as that and live my life from that place.

To be continued…

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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