Rely only on Principle!

“Let us feel that our purposes are animated and inspired from on high, and then let us go forth and make our dreams come true in human experience. With an invisible Intelligence to guide, and an immutable Law to direct, let us take our place in any legitimate activity, and thus cause our dreams to come to full fruition.” Ernest Holmes

As I continue to celebrate CSL Kaua’i this month, I am inspired again by the above statement from Ernest Holmes. How could I ever doubt the Power that I use (that we all use)? It catapulted Patrick and I across an ocean five years ago.

We had a business plan and a fire in our heart and mind. When people would ask us where our Center was, we’d just point to our mind and heart. We had no place. We didn’t know anyone. Now five years later, we celebrate with 80 to 100 people each Sunday. We have over close to 200 members. People visit us from all over the world.

Principle is not bound by what we know in the world of form. It is immutable Law and it just says yes. We were truly inspired and passionate and that was enough. We have no model for what happened after and continues to happen today. We just know that when we are clear and follow that clarity with action, any walls that might appear tumble down. We do not take no for an answer and we know we cannot be threatened. We simply stay open to how things will happen. We do not outline or name our good.

The other day someone I know was telling me about how things just fell into place for her when she acquired a certain job. She called it lucky circumstances and the right people showing up at the right time. I corrected her. There is no such thing as lucky circumstances. What seems like lucky circumstances are merely what happens when we are aligned with our purpose and make ourselves ready. We are like a magnet drawing everything to us that is required. My friend was equal to her employment. We cannot attract anything unless we are equal to it.

So, as CSL Kaua’i’s journey continues to unfold, we stay clear. We stay open. We let our passion pour into everything we do. We have big dreams, but nothing is too big for Principle. There is something very important for us to do through CSL Kaua’i. Principle supports us. Principle is for us. Life flows with us, when we get on the current. In fact, truly, we are the current.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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