I Am the Programmer

The Science of Mind readings this week have been all about Mental Equivalents. I love this chapter and I also love the book by Emmet Fox: The Mental Equivalent. I’ve also been listening to a recording of Dr. Joe Dispenza, where he discusses the programs that we live by. Did you ever think that you are living a program? You are not the program, but it is controlling how you think and react and how you experience life.

What a thought it is to realize the everything about us is due to a program we’ve accepted as the truth of who we are. Let’s say we react a certain way when we are confronted with a financial situation or with a remark that someone makes to us. What if we identified that reaction with a program that had been instilled in us at some time in our development?

The light went off for me again with this idea, and I realized that I am not my programs. I’m a self-choosing Spirit with the ability to choose how I think, act, and most of all how I believe. If I continue to create my life from what I see, I will never move forward. I need to go to the unseen realm of pure potentiality.

As we move forward this year with Center for Spiritual Living Kaua’i, in the world of form, I can see a short time to demonstrate a big shift. I can look at all the obstacles, what seems like limited funds. or what looks like hurdles we must jump through and over; or I can realize that those are programs that were built through my life time and through race consciousness. These programs might say: you have to do things this way and you must have this or that first.

The truth is there is no certain way that things have to be done. In the world of pure potentiality, there is always a way. When we plant a seed in the Infinite Mind, just like when we plant a seed in the ground, we will receive exactly what we plant and the level we conceive it.

The work that is needed is in the world of consciousness. Increasing our capability to receive and accept more, while planting the seed of our intention with clarity is the first step.  Then, we must stay poised in that intention and get out of the way of how we think it should happen. The work is done in our own consciousness and nowhere else.

The avenues open up to those who are ready. In fact, the avenues are already there, we just can’t see them when we are clouded by past programs that only let us see a certain way.  Remember the term, “Think out of the box?” Yes, we must stand outside our boxes and look to the nothingness – pure energy. It is not an easy thing to do, because our thinking can get clouded by what we see and know, but we must do it if we want change and move forward in our evolution.

So, what I’ve learned this week is to be more aware of my programs, and to realize that I can change them. I am not my programs and they do not run me. I choose them. I can change them at any time. I am not the program. I am t he programmer. It’s a decision.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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