There’s Been a Healing!

Last night, we had a healing circle at our Center. I love these circles all the time, but last night was seemed beyond the normal. It was the Consciousness that I felt at our Center the moment I walked in. Now, I know that all Consciousness comes from within, but last night it seemed that the most loving Presence was already there even before we arrived.

This morning I am trying to reconcile this with the knowing that all Consciousness begins within me and that there is no outside force. I come up with this answer. Yes, it does and whatever it is we are equal to is what we experience. Last night, I was elevated enough in my own Consciousness to feel the same love permeating the air. There was a Unity. I even stated and knew that a healing would take place before we left tlast night. It most certainly did.

What is healing? It is a shift in Consciousness. It is an embodiment of an idea that is already so, but that can only be felt when we are ready to accept it. Last night, I felt there was an embodiment in me. That embodiment was the knowing of the Perfect Love that flows through everything all the time. It was palpable and still is.

When does the physical healing come? People ask this. Sometimes, it is spontaneous and instantaneous, but other times, I think it can take a moment for our body or affairs to catch up. Anita Moorjoni had a spontaneous healing when in a coma she realized that Love was all there is. It took her body several weeks or months to completely heal.

Once we know that we know, it really doesn’t matter how long the actual physical healing takes or whether it even does, because healing isn’t a physical thing. It is a mental act, and act of the conscious and subjective mind being in complete alignment. There is no longer an argument going on. We know that we know.

There is nothing airy-fairy about any of this. It is scientific. It is quantum physics. We are actually re-wiring  our brains to think a different way and release old patterns of thought. Ernest Holmes would call it neutralizing the negative with the positive. We are focusing on what we want to experience instead of what we do not want. Once we make it so real to ourselves with our emotions, there is a transformation.

In this thing called Religious Science, we know that it is more than even this. We say the Law makes it so. All that means is that when we surrender, the energy begins to flow in the direction that we have set and attracts the like to us. We stop trying to make it happen ourselves and allow that Intelligence to take over.

There has to be a Spiritual realization in order for the embodiment to take place. This Spiritual revelation is the release of duality and the embracing on Unity or Oneness with the Divine. It is when we let go, surrender and just let faith and trust take over and then walk on from there.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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