It’s Just Not True!

The reading today in the Science of Mind text was a meditation titled “No Condemnation.” It’s on page 518 if anyone wants to look it up. I was really struck by what it said giving me the challenge of accepting “There is no condemnation in me nor operating through me. …Only those thoughts can enter my mentality which I allow to enter. I do not and cannot receive adverse thoughts. Only those thoughts which are helpful and life-giving can find entrance to my house.”

The reason this struck me so deeply is because there is an opinion that this Science condemns those who cannot think the way Ernest is challenging us to do. There is an opinion that this Science that when we become ill or have challenges in life that it is because of our thoughts and that we should feel bad about that. Notice I said, “there is an opinion.” I say that because IT IS NOT TRUE. Everything that is written anywhere is subject to opinion. This would be like saying that “God is mad at you.”

This Science is about Love. This Science is about Spiritual and Personal evolution. It is about learning to love myself by remembering who I am. Ernest Holmes once wrote (I’m paraphrasing), “What could be more grand and amazing than a Divine Idea in the Mind of God.”
If I continue to condemn myself with my thoughts I am going to stay in a cycle of thinking and emotion and all that stress that this cycle creates in my life. Quantum Physics is not proving scientifically that the way we think does create dis-ease in our bodies. However, it doesn’t make us a bad person or less than anybody else.
I believe that our lives and experiences are all about our journey to our true selves. I believe we know just what we require in every moment in order to reveal that true self. I do not believe in good or bad. I believe in Love.
I am grateful for the challenge to discipline my mind and to live in a consciousness of self-love. I am grateful to know that I have an opportunity to release judgement, to forgive everything, and to grow in Spirit everyday.
I am grateful to know that whatever I am experiencing that I can bring myself back into a state of peace and love any time by practicing the discipline of using my mind in a constructive and self-approving way. I am grateful to know that everything I think comes from what I believe and that I can change those beliefs by choosing to do so and working on it from that place.
If we all took the time to love ourselves, to stop condemning and to just appreciate ourselves right where we are, realizing that the journey is an eternal one and that we are at a point in that journey that is perfect for us, I believe we would be free – free to choose and to perceive life from the consciousness of a Divine Being – powerful, loving and all-knowing.
Love and Aloha,
Rev. Rita

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