Whatsoever you Desire

There is a Truth written that whatsoever we ask for, we shall receive, but only if we believe that we have it. This is the most quantum statement ever made and I just heard the same statement made in different words in a book I am reading called “Becoming Supernatural.” In order to have those things we desire in life, we must become them in feeling and emotion. We must believe we already have them and act as though it were already true.

Well, if you wanted a new home, let’s say. There is only one way you can act as if you have it and that would be in the world of “emotion.” You would be grateful. You might feel satisfied and at peace. You might feel yourself already nesting. If you believed you already had the home, you wouldn’t feel angst; nor would you be searching for it with angst. You would calmly follow your leads and know it was already here. That’s what I did and I did manifest a new home several times.

This same formula works with everything and everyone. If  it is not working in your life, there is not something wrong with the formula. It’s already been proven. There is not something wrong with you either. You just need to learn how to use the formula properly.

It’s really, really simple. I think that when we are clear and if we can feel gratitude right now no matter what the situation might look like, things would progress much more smoothly and quickly.

The reason this all works is because it isn’t about physical things. It is about energy that becomes those physical things. We cannot possibly create anything without that vibration of energy that matches that which we want to create.

So, if you are feeling frustrated right now about things not moving fast enough for you or about not having that thing or experience you desire, move away from that emotion as quickly as you can and go to gratitude for what you do have and for your amazing self. Feel your energy soar and practice that all day long. You will see that you cannot fail.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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