Are You Aligned with your True Self?

“My True Self contains every possibility!” That was the message today on Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s meditation series. I love this Truth. When we are aligned with our True Self , taking the time to resonate with our purpose, our true desire in our life, that True Self contains everything necessary to manifest that desire.

So many times, we avoid our True Self. We try to fix our lives by taking jobs that we do not resonate with, getting degrees that we think will secure our future and just trying to survive.

I did all these things until I learned that my true purpose contained everything with in it to make sure I was successful. What is success? For me it is living in joy, feeling contented, learning and expanding everyday, being all that I can be and even more than this.

I remember the day i said no more to a life of just trying to get by while my dreams were just out of reach in some future that I had created that would come when I was secure. It doesn’t work that way because that future never comes.I had to finally say enough and jump into the unknown with all my passion, trusting that the Principle of Life would manifest perfectly. It did.

The world is beginning to realize that we must trust our inner knowing and follow it. Within that knowing is the map to our True Selves. We all have that key within us if we are willing to really turn it and open the door. That door opens in one direction – Inward.

Are you willing to really acknowledge your True Self – Your true desire in life? Please do not say you do not know what it is. That’s impossible.  You do know. What you might not have known, but now you do is that your Desire contains every possibility for its fulfillment.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita



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