What You Resists Persists

There is a statement that says, “what you resist persists.” I know this is true. It is true because if I am resisting something it means that I am giving it reality and power. I am acknowledging it as having power over me and, boy, do I want to get rid of it. I am thinking about what I do not want instead of what I do want. I am giving it even more energy through my disdain. All that emotion is what is creating even more of it. I am spending my precious life time wasting my creativity on warding things off instead of bringing things to me.

The way I turn this around is to begin to focus and meditate on how I see my day unfolding. I spend lots of time focusing on the desires that I want to manifest. I not only think about them, I actually work on them. I get excited about them. I bring them into action by acting as if I already have them. No matter what stage my plans are in, I realize that everything I am doing is part of that desire manifesting itself right now. I have tremendous faith and trust in the Principle. I have great faith in the Creative Medium that takes my thoughts and brings them into form.

I talk to many people who give me a laundry list of all the things they do not want in their lives. They talk about these things with a lot of emotion. My question is “what do you want?” Once you get really clear on what that is, once you stop putting limits on it, once you begin to vibrate in the energy of that thing, it has to come to you It is Law. It’s really that simple.

What would it take for you to spend today, focusing on, refining your mind, and getting clear on what you really want in life? What would it take to then begin to act as if that were already so and to give thanks for it? What would it take to become aware of the times that you are resisting and focusing on what you do not want and at the same time stop and shift your attention toward your desire? If you really believed you had that desire, that nothing could keep it from you, you would move forward with confidence, do whatever it is yours to do and enjoy the journey. We all have this same capability. No one is keeping anything from us. Clarity of intention and elevated emotion or feeling are the key parts of the formula.

Let me know how it goes.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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