I Choose to Believe

We saw an amazing show on film last night at CSL called Derren Brown: Miracle (Faith or Fiction) It gave us all a lot to think about in the realm of the stories we tell ourselves, how we are influenced by the beliefs of the race in forming our own beliefs, how our minds can be influenced, and ultimately how we can heal our lives.

Derren Brown (an illusionist, atheist, and great showman) prodded his audience, teased them with their own beliefs, and truly showed how the mind can be influenced and also how we all exist in the one Mind. He let us know that we all have the capacity we have for telepathy, clairvoyance, and healing. He showed us that we are the ones responsible for our miracles. We are the miracle!

What was most interesting about the evening was the discussion that we had afterwards. Everybody, for the most part, were stunned. It provoked deep thinking about healing and the power of our minds. What also struck me deeply was how difficult it was for us to just accept that it was possible that we were that powerful. I felt all the loopholes we continually give ourselves when this subject comes up.

My question is why is it so difficult to believe we are powerful? Just the doubts we have are enough to see why we cannot demonstrate those things that we say we so desire. We give ourselves numerous reasons all the time of why it isn’t possible, getting stuck in the minutia of thoughts to the contrary. We argue for our limitations.

Well, for me, last night was a further testament of what I believe as my truth. Every mystic and philosopher throughout the ages has said it, just in different ways. It has already been proven and now it is backed by scientific data. It’s all about our own mind and how we perceive our world. We create what we see by our perception of it. We can be as powerful or powerless as we choose. The more power we give our thought the more it has. Where we put our attention is where we are growing our garden.

I am learning to be relentless about this truth in my own life. I am proving it everyday. I take total responsibility for the laboratory of my mind and what I do with it. I am very excited about this step in my evolution.

How are you feeling about it today – about life, that is, and your place as a Power figure in it?

Love and Aloha,

Reve. Rita

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