Something’s Calling Me…

Deepak Chopra spoke these words this morning in his meditation series: “Your deepest desires can come without struggle because your deepest desires are signals from your true self. The force of evolution in the universe supports whatever is true and supports harmonious growth.”

He further went on further to say that our real deepest desire goes beyond the stuff we think we want to completeness. “Our deepest desire is for completeness,” was the focus of the meditation.

I can attest to this. I’ve had many desires in my life and they been fractured pieces of a deeper desire, which has always been to be free to express my real self. Everything I’ve ever desired, whether it’s been to be a singer or an actress or to find the love of my life or finally to become a minister have been about one thing and that is to go deeper into my true self. All these experiences have brought me back to this one thing.

It was only during the times when I swayed away from my real desires, the ones that came from my  true self that I had lots of challenges and sadness. When I was trying to just “make it in the world” or acquire a level of success for the sake of money or survival was when I had the most anguish and struggle. I felt like I was forcing my life to be happy instead of just being happy.

However, the Universe always dragged me back to myself through a total inner meltdown. During these times, I just couldn’t make my life work. I knew if I didn’t change or follow my bliss, I would self-destruct. Not in a physical sense, but by becoming depressed and lacking purpose or just existing.

In the end, the true calling from within won out and now it is just what I do and am. I follow my bliss. Life is a lot simpler this way. Yes, I have challenges, but those challenges are met in the quiet hours through meditation , centering and Spiritual Mind Treatment with solutions that come from unexpected places.

The forces of the Universe do support our true desires. I’m a testimony of it. Everyday I am learning more and more about how to cease the struggle and get into the flow. I always find it within.

What’s been calling you?

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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