How Flexible Are You?

In setting our intentions for our life, it is wise to stay open to the outcome. In Science of Mind and Spirit we call this allowing the free flow of how things will occur. We advise ourselves not to outline the results. Mike Dooley calls it getting out-of-the-way of the “cursed hows.” Today, Deepak Chopra called it “having a flexible awareness and being flexible about the outcome.”

So many times, people will put their attention on what they want in a unflexible way and to the degree that they don’t recognize the subtle signs of its fulfillment. Staying open allows us to get into the flow of our life, while remaining clear and poised in our intentions.

When we have an open and flexible awareness, we catch signs we might not have recognized. Someone might say something to us that was the direct answer to the information we were seeking. A book might present itself. Have you ever had a chance meeting with someone and come away clearer about something you were pondering. When we are flexible, we are open to what our intuition brings us.

Life is about staying in the flow. It is not about striving so hard to make things happen that we miss the gifts along the way. I loved the analogy Deepak used about there being an input and an output for every desire. Yes, eventually, there has to be an output. Everything works this way. It is the same as saying that for every Cause there is an Effect.

Ernest Holmes and other mystics have said “do not name where your good comes from.” Infinite Intelligence, the Power and Force of the Universe that creates from itself, or in this case from within the seed that you have planted, knows exactly how to bring the manifestation. Our only job is stay open, flexible, attentive, receptive, trusting and patient.

Patience, as a mentor of mine Dr.James Mellon said, is knowing. When we know that our success is guaranteed we can flow with life, knowing that each moment is a perfect unfoldment of the intention we have set in motion.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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