Where’s Your Focus?

How focused are we really? What are we focused on? Are our minds as Ernest Holmes would say always, “willy-nilly” or do we have an attention span. We sometimes accuse our youth of having no attention span. They need to reach for their cell phones or play a video game, the TV needs to be on. We accuse our youth of this, but what about each of us. What are we focusing on?

Can we keep our attention on our blessings or are we continually rehashing a past conversation about something that happened years ago or even an hour ago? Can we be grateful in the present moment or are we focused on what we do not have right now? What are we focused on?

Focus is a power that each of us has. Where we place it means everything. It unleashes the Infinite Intelligence within us to do its work, bringing that thing we focus on to us through us.

Remember the saying, what we focus on grows? I think if you really look at our life, we will see this is a truth that cannot be denied. I know for myself when I’ve had a physical ailment and I’m focusing on it, it gets worse. Then something might happen to distract me to something else. What happened to the physical ailment? I wasn’t focused on it and it didn’t bother me, until I thought about it again.

Focus is a Power, a tool because it shifts our attention and brings our energy of attraction to a point of power. We can attract things, people, experiences all through focus. Are we focused on what we want or what we do not want? It makes no difference, because whatever we focus on grows.

If we focus on the Divine within us, if we get in touch with that unlimited potential we each have instead of all the misfortunes we seem to have, things will shift. Everything in life is about perception.

I choose to focus on the expanse of the Universe, gratitude and the things I want to accomplish. I choose to focus on the truth that they are already accomplished and all answers are right where I am. I choose to spend my time focused on what is mine to do and let go of those things that really have no meaning to me besides to distract my attention. I am talking about things like things I cannot change or experiences that are over.

I choose to focus all my attention on be a healing and loving presence in the world. I choose to focus on accomplishing what I came to earth to accomplish. It gets clearer and clearer every day as I open up and focus on the truth that I do have the answers. I am clear. What I focus on grows…and then some.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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