The New Now!

I love the beginning of the week because I get to start all over. In fact, I get to start all over in every moment. I do not have to hang on to what has been and what has been doesn’t have to be what is right now. I get to start over in every moment.

There is one Power, you know. Not two. Only one and I get to use it. This Power is my Power and it is your Power. We get to use it anyway we want because we have choice. If we want something to change in our life, we can co-create with this Power; however, nothing is going to change if we are still thinking in the old ways and dragging the past with us. We’ll have a contradiction and the Universe doesn’t know what to do with that. It will just give us back more contradiction and more present experiences based in the past.

So, why now create a new now. It is possible. The first step for me would be to forgive myself for anything that I think I could have done better yesterday. I did the best I could and I can’t change yesterday anyway. I must have compassion and love for myself.

Next, I must trust that I can create something new today. I have the Power of choice. I have the Power to choose different thoughts. I have the Power to let go of emotions I am addicted to – like worry, or fear, or feelings of insecurity. I have the Power to choose whatever I want to think and feel.

Thirdly, I must practice. I must be conscious of myself and become the observer of my life instead of being lost and stuck in the conditions. Everything is an experience and I get to live that experience from a higher level of thinking, remembering who I am and the Power that I get to use.

Fourth, eventually, I have to surrender. I have to stop trying to make it be my way. I have to think about what I want and let go of what I don’t want. I have to expand my awareness in every situation and know that the Universe does have my back. It is conspiring for my highest good.

If I want to become new then I have to become new. I just have to give up anything that holds me back. I have to move into the trust and faith that I am co-creating with Infinite Intelligence that makes everything new in every moment. I have to see the world without the trappings of what seems to be and give over to the Infinite possibility in this now moment.

Nothing stays the same. This is the new now. It will always be the new now. I get to live it new in every moment. When I have challenges, I get to look at them in a new way and therefore they become opportunities instead of challenges. I know if I stick to this long enough, treat and affirm that I can, and put it into action, it will become my way of being. The Universe always responds in the affirmative to me. On this I can depend.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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