Put Your Thought in Reverse

“When we reverse the process of thought, the effect will be reversed.” Ernest Holmes

I am working on a creation right now, and I can see how important this one Principle is. It is our whole teaching, really. The spiritually minded scientists like Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton and other teachers like Deepak Chopra are proving this statement through their studies and experiments with people.

We are all really saying the same thing. We are pure energy forming new experiences in every moment with our thought. Of course that thought must be backed by feeling or emotion for anything to happen with it. Life is to us what we are to it.

The most common error I witness in people who come to me for Spiritual counseling and Treatment is that they do not know what they truly want and they are spending the majority of their time getting all worked up about what they do not want. It is so obvious that I wonder at times why they cannot see it themselves, except that I can do it too. It seems to be the nature of our old programming to be in fear of the worst happening. At one time, it was probably the way we protected ourselves against tigers and other ferocious animals and experiences we encountered in the wilderness.

However, although we still have tigers of sorts, now they are self-made ideas that we have clung to. We can no longer use the club to get rid of them or hide in the brush. We have risen in our evolution to a place where these tigers are merely thoughts which have become habits. We have to begin to see and think our lives and the world differently.

The key phrase in the quote by Ernest Holmes (above) is “process of thought.” We must reverse our process of thought. This takes the discipline of focusing on what we want rather than staying in the fears of those things we do not want. It takes practice and there is much help here in the form of teachers, books and programs. However, we are the ones that must accomplish it for ourselves.

How do we want to live? Can we envision that relationship we say we want to be in? Can we feel like we are already living in our new home? Can we stay with the feeling for more than a few seconds?

It is not about acquiring things, it is about living in joy right where we are, being grateful for what we have and always knowing that the Universe is conspiring for our highest good at all times. No one is out to get us or to keep things from us. If we could stop claiming where our good comes from and begin to trust in the workings of the Universe in and through us and start really collaborating with it instead of trying to prove why it doesn’t work, we might be surprised at how our lives of struggles would turn around.

I invite us all to have true compassion for ourselves. We’ve been through a lot and this time in our planetary evolution is not easy. However, I believe we chose to be here now. For me that means that I must have everything within me to not just live a joyous life myself, but to assist others who need a reminder right now.

It’s really simple, so don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Did I just say that? “When we reverse the process of thought, the effect will be reversed.” I invite us to try it with the conviction that we are already succeeding and to stick to it.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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