Start a Wildfire Today!

Today, I am grateful to start a wildfire of Truth. There are plenty of other wildfires going on. I heard the world was doomed and that we are always on the brink of disaster. I heard that we do not feel safe anymore. I heard that some of us have given up.

Well, I say, instead of giving up, why don’t we start a wildfire of Truth. It’s easy. It doesn’t cost anything. It really isn’t hard. It’s just about being grateful and acknowledging our blessings. It’s about smiling at others and giving a kind word. It’s about getting out of our own troubles and blessing the path we walk with love.

Recently, at our Center my husband and I began putting Spiritual Mind Treatments of the day on Facebook. This is an example of starting a wildfire. And, it is catching. Today, I see that our colleague Rev. Jonathan Zenz starting doing the same. Yesterday, I saw that another great person, Jonathan Lee began putting a positive word on Facebook. The wildfire has begun and we can all take part in it.

Let’s stop saying there is nothing we can do when there is plenty we can do. We can be kind. We can find a way to express our highest self. We can get out of our own troubles and begin giving to others. We can bring love to whatever is happening in our life. We can encourage others. We can pick up garbage on the beach. We can give to our favorite cause. We can pray. We can…we can… We can start a wildfire of Truth right now. Will you join me?

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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