Do We Always Get What We Want?

Whenever I am working on demonstrating something in my life and it seems to be taking more time than I’d like or just not coming, my husband always says, “You always get what you want, Rita. That’s what I’ve noticed about you.”

It is true. If I look back on my life, I’ve always accomplished what I set out to accomplish. It hasn’t always been easy and I sometimes have some stuck places along the way, but it does always work out.

There was one time, though, that I wanted something so badly. It was a long time ago and it was to play the part of Aldonza in Man of La Mancha with a Southwest Theater Company. I’d already played the part with another company. I wanted it so bad and not getting it was a big disappointment. I didn’t know about the Law of attraction at the time, nor did I know that you had to become the thing that you wanted, nor did I know that you can’t be as exact as wanting some particular thing with the exact people involved. I did not know that your power lies within yourself and not in manipulating the greater plan.

I see that now and when I seek to demonstrate anything, I leave the field wide open. I never focus on one particular thing. I always say, “This or better.” It always works out and if I keep at it, I do always get the experience I am seeking. Little things like having a cat who will finally sit on my lap. Things like being able to bring my grandchildren to Kaua’i. If I focus on what I want, instead of what is not happening, I do get what I want.

There is a formula and I will pass it on. Every desire we have comes with everything within it to fulfill it. We have to trust that first. We have to have faith in that. It’s like saying that a whole forest is contained in one acorn or that the faith of a grain of a mustard seed can move mountains. Our desires are God within us wanting to be expressed. It doesn’t matter how big or little they are. And, we know if they are coming from our true selves because they will not involve hurting others or taking from others. They won’t involved manipulating other people or experiences. They will come with the pure joy of expressing ourselves to the highest.

So, if you want something right now and it doesn’t seem to be showing up, focus on the feeling surrounding it. That is what is beneath the desire – the feeling. The feeling is what will bring it to you, too. How will you feel when you have this experience or thing? Be clear about what it is and then really start feeling it up. Remember who you are and that everything in that desire needing to bring it to you is already there. Oh, you can’t change people, nor can you say they have to be part of your desire. Everyone is responsible for their own journey. Back to my lap cat. I wasn’t able to make the cat I had at the time sit on my lap, but one did arrive that does. Keep open.

And remember let go of how it is going to happen. You have no idea how the Universe really works. How does a seed make a tree? There is a part of that mystery that we do not know. We just trust it.

Open up, trust, be clear, feel it and then let it go.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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