Chick…Chick…Get Out!

Yesterday afternoon I was working quietly at my desk doing some admin work, when I saw two chickens walking down the hall of my house. The door had been left open and they had just strolled in. Well, what happened after that was total chaos, as I tried to remove them to no avail. One walked out finally, but the other wasn’t leaving. It just kept flying up and hitting itself against the window and going the opposite direction from the door.

I sat down and treated. I called my husband and asked him to treat with me. I was really freaked. It seemed like there was no answer. Yet, I knew there had to be. I was prompted to call the Humane Society emergency line and the lady gently said, “Just throw a heavy blanket over the chicken and then you’ll be able to pick it up.” How simple and it worked perfectly.

After I cleaned up the mess and got over my PTSD, I thought about it all on my run this morning. I SOM’d myself (which means I asked, “What were you thinking that created this yesterday?”) Okay, okay. I get caught in that trap, too.

What came up for me was the idea of distractions. The chickens represented distractions. How many times, have I allowed myself recently to become distracted by things I can’t control? How many times, have I gotten side-tracked because of some minor issue that really didn’t need all the attention I was giving it. We can’t expect to move in the direction of our dreams and desires and purpose if we allow ourselves to continually be distracted. It becomes a way of procrastinating. I say “No More!”

In that moment this morning, I treated for the falling away of distractions and the embracing of clarity. I treated to know that what is mine to do will be clear to me and that I can let go of everything else. I don’t have to be and do everything. I can clear the deck right now and stay focused.

It’s really simple. It can be as simple as throwing a blanket of love around the distraction, picking it up and letting it go into the nothingness from which it came. When I am really clear, distractions move themselves from center stage and out of the theater of my mind. I claim that for myself today and I begin to walk my talk.

Today, I am clear! And so It is!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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