I’m Possible! Are You?

Audrey Hepburn once spoke these words, ““Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible.’”

Where did we get the notion that certain things are possible and other things aren’t? Where did we get the idea that we can cure _______ but not _______? Where did we get this idea of impossibility vs. possibility?

Well, those of us who think that there are things that are impossible, are old world thinkers. They are living in the past, basing everything on what’s come before. Even Quantum Physics, the new Science is showing us in plain view that there is a field of infinite possibility that we get to use with the power of our thought, not just any thought, but that thought which comes with the most conviction and feeling.

If we really reflect on things in our life and review just one day, I think we will get a clear picture on what we put the most feeling behind. Those things are possible, and we label everything else impossible.

Is it possible to take responsibility for what we think about and just decide that we can think differently. I believe it is possible for all of us.

If we look back in time, we will see that all those we call “geniuses” didn’t care what others said was possible. They got ideas from the infinite field and looked to prove them instead of putting all their energy into proving them wrong.

Sometimes people come to me and say that’s not possible or it’s hard to do that. They shake their heads at those of us who have a positive and magical attitude about life; but, I ask, what are you offering in return? Is your way of thinking going to help me with my life? Ernest Holmes once wrote, “Don’t take someone’s God away, unless you can offer him a better one.” Are you offering me a better God with your negativity backed by your belief in impossibility?

As Rodgers and Hammerstein once wrote, “The world is made of zanies and fools, who don’t believe in sensible rules. Who don’t believe what sensible people say…And because these daft and dewy-eyed folk are building up impossible hopes…IMPOSSIBLE THINGS ARE HAPPENING EVERY DAY!

May you have an “I’m Possible.” Day

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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