Turn Up the Frequency

“All disease is the lowering of our frequency.” Dr. Joe Dispenza

Of course, this makes sense. We already know that stress and depression and other negative emotions cause stress on our bodies and cause us to weaken our immune system, and, in turn, subject our bodies to physical disease.

What could be more simple. So, when someone asks me what should I do when I am sick, I would say start loving yourself. How? Take time to meditate. Ask for prayer. Do one small loving thing for yourself. Remember who you are.

But, why wait until you are sick, start now, right now. We don’t have to make large leaps into two hours of meditation or walking an hour a day. Just one small thing that you can do for yourself is a beginning. Perhaps it is a ten minute walk at lunch time or five minutes in the morning to just focus and breathe. I had a friend who would do what he called “5/5/5” Five minutes of reading, Five minutes of meditating, Five minutes of praying. Surely, we have 15 minutes a day that we can give to ourselves. Some of us are so hardwired into the lower frequencies that these things seem impossible, but it is the only way we will disconnect from those lower frequencies. We have to begin.

Moving our frequency into the higher realms come when we practice higher emotions of love, gratitude, compassion, kindness, peace – first to ourselves and then out to others. We can do this. I have always been one of the busiest people I know, and I always found time for myself. I knew and know that by giving time to myself, I am giving more time to all those around me, because I have more energy and I am vibrating at a higher frequency.

In one of his CD’s Dr. Joe explains why we get sick. It goes something like this: The survival emotions that come with stress cause us to become materialists. We live from the outside in. We become connected and aligned with the outside world and forget that we are really Energy. He calls this “becoming a materialist.” We become more matter than energy. When we become more matter than energy, we become subject to the Laws of Thermodynamics. When we realize we are Energy, we can shift and change that energy and we begin to live in the Quantum Field of Possibility.

In Science of Mind terms, we have forgotten who we are. We have forgotten that we are Divine beings of Light and Love. We have placed more attention on getting through life than living life from an elevated state of knowing and experiencing love, compassion, peace of mind and more. We have become more aligned with thinking the outside is creating our lives than realizing that we are capable of changing the outside by elevating our consciousness.

It’s all really simple in theory, but we must get out of theory and really practice this. I believe we are being called to live from this higher state. The very world depends on it.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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