Calm Your Inner Storms

Aloha Everyone!

Today, August 22, 2018, Hawaii is in the path of a tremendous Hurricane, whose name is Lane. It’s been a bit chaotic at the stores and gas stations, as everyone makes sure they are stocked with supplies, etc.

I’ve only lived here for five years, but whenever we are in the path of a hurricane, whether it makes landfall or not, the same things happen. People here remember Hurricane Iniki that struck this Island in 1994, and they let you know how horrible it was. You might say we have a little PTSD concerning hurricanes.

So, where am I with all this? Yes, we are preparing ourselves with supplies, etc., but, we are also preparing and refocusing our minds in every moment with prayer and knowing. I know that I cannot control what Hurricane Lane will do, but I can control my own thoughts and calm my own inner storms. I can take this time to realize that I and Nature are one, and as I do my own work, saying “Peace be still!” and living from that place that I can add my consciousness in a constructive and loving way. I can be the peace in the eye of the storm.

Can we influence the elements? Yes, I believe we can influence the elements by influencing our relationship with them. We can realize that what is felt within is felt without. We are Energy and so are the elements. The more calm and peaceful I can be, the more I can feed the atmosphere with that peace. It is felt everywhere even within Nature. Have you ever been in turbulence on a plane and just centered yourself with the turbulence instead of fighting against it. Suddenly, you find yourself at peace and oneness.

So, what I am knowing today is that no matter what Hurricane Lane does, and that is uncertain, that I am certain of one thing. I am the peace in the storm. The heart of God is peace and I am that peace and so are you.  Now, I can make sure my flashlights have batteries and my water is stored and go about my business.

Love, Peace and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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