Saturated with Divinity

“The world is saturated with Divinity, immersed in Reality, and filled with possibility. We must take this divine possibility and mold it into a present actuality in everyday experience. This is the way to freedom, the pathway to peace and happiness.” Ernest Holmes

It’s raining A LOT on Kaua’i this week, and according to Hawaiians rain means we are receiving blessings from Heaven. I love this idea, and I love this quote by Ernest Holmes that lets me know that I am saturated with Divinity and immersed in Reality with a capital “R.” Here is my possibility, if I will embrace this.

This saturation of rain is a great reminder. Can you imagine if we truly really believed above all else that we were saturated with Divinity and really did mold it into prsent actuality in everyday experience? There would be little room for complaining, even about the rain. Instead, we would be making new discoveries. We would look at everything differently and with new eyes. We would see the possibility in even the worse scenario. Individuals that we experience would become new to us.

Now is the time to bring this Divinity into our experiences more than ever. We have plenty of opportunities. We have trials; we have triumphs. We have small ways. We have huge ways. There is not big or small to the Mind which maketh all and that means that there is possibility everywhere all the time.

I can see that truly taking this to heart would be the pathway to freedom, peace and happiness, not in the superficial sense, but in the deep, deep sense that allows us to be great and weather all storms. It allows us to know that our creativity is always supported and blessed. It allows us to feel the Divine companionship that is ours at all times. We are not alone. I feel really drenched right now. Do you?

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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