Do You Have Any New Information Today?

As we change our energy, we change our experience in the world of form. We are energy and that is what backs matter. Sometimes, we just have to give our energy new information. I received this information from the study of Quantum Physics. Spiritual Mind Treatment assists us in giving our Energy new information.

Today, I woke up with a stiffness in my neck. In the past, I might have gone a different way with this physical disruption, but today, I am experimenting with what I preach. I blessed my neck. I told it that it just had the wrong information. I forgave myself for giving it this information, and began to tell myself a new story. Instead of focusing on the stiffness, I just gave gratitude for all that my neck has done for me throughout my life. I told it is was harmonious and balanced. I allowed myself to relax in knowing that I could let go now and let the higher Law of the Universe take care of the rest for me. I then completed it all with a formal Spiritual Mind Treatment.

Does this mean I won’t get a massage or go to the doctor if I feel the need to? No. It just means that I’m starting in a place where it all starts with Energy not in matter. I will be guided and directed to do what I need to do. The Law of my being takes care of all that.

I might have written this before, but I’m going to print it here again. Here is it is from Quantum Physics:

“All dis-ease is a lowering of frequency. Survival emotions cause us to become materialists – we live from the outside – Living in survival or stress. This creates an incoherence signature in brainwave patterns. As we become more matter then energy – we become subject to the laws of thermodynamics.” Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr. Ernest Holmes Founder of Religious Science put it this way

“The word dis-ease means lack of ease – dis-ease. Ab-normal absence of a normal condition. Regardless of its particular source, disease is an experience operating through people, which does not belong to them at all. It has no spiritual law to support it. It is discord fleeing before harmony.”

We are subject to our environment when we believe more in it than we do in the Spiritual Universe. It makes total sense to me and explains many of our ailments. There is nothing wrong with us. We’ve just accepted information that possibly isn’t serving us.

It’s something to think about and its something to work with. I just did a 42 minute meditatation today in which Dr. Joe asks us if we are willing to love ourselves enough to take the time to do this. I loved that question, because I know that is where it all starts. Do we love ourselves enough to take the time to take care of ourselves by nurturing ourselves and practicing those things which we know assist us. It takes the time and practice if we want the results we say we want so badly. It also takes surrender, faith and trust.

It’s not about pushing things away. It’s about accepting what is, while at the same time loving just a little more and knowing we can change our energy and thus change our life. It’s not about fixing things in matter. It’s about vibrating to a higher frequency.

Happy Monday. I am going to enjoy the experiment this week.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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