Do You Believe in Magic

I believe in magic. I am learning to use my magic in a more expanded way and more consistently. We all have magical powers. It is not reserved for the few; however, there might be few who really know they have it, and use it consciously. Are you one of the few?

The definition of magic that I choose is from the Merriam Webster Dictionary is this: an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source.”

Magic isn’t a trick or an illusion. It doesn’t come with the slight of a hand. It is definite. It is not an illusion, because we can see it every time it is used.

We have magic because we have minds and our minds are part of the one Infinite Mind. We have as much of that Mind that we can embody and then, of course, use. It is Infinite and we cannot contract it. We can only expand ourselves into it. Our use of It is our particular individualization of it. We are born magical!

What does it mean to have all of the Infinite Mind? It means that there is an unseen force within each of us that has the capacity to call upon this Infinite Mind and direct it in any way we choose. The truth is that we are directing it everyday, but unconsciously. We use it unconsciously through the things we say, the things we choose to think about, the unwillingness we have to let go of the past, the inability we have to see what is right instead of what is wrong, and much more. Many of us are constantly misusing this Power and then wondering why are lives are the way they are.

For a small example, if we had a little pimple on our face, do we dwell on that pimple and getting rid of it or do we dwell on the rest of us that is perfect. What we focus on grows; that is magic.

So, using our magic is really simple; however, it is a discipline at first. We have to train our minds to focus on the Good. We have to begin to become an optimist and stop looking at what is wrong. Instead turn it inside out and and focus on what could go right. We don’t have to force things to go our way; we merely have to allow things to unfold, trusting and knowing that our good is always here. It’s even more than this and there are concrete ways we can become sorcerers.

We must discipline our speech, for our words are so powerful, and they can bring good or evil to ourselves and others. Of course, our words come from our thoughts, which come from our beliefs. Do we dare to drop and old belief and embody a new one? Thoughts, words and deeds aligned for the highest good are magical. They unleash the unseen Force that is within each of us in the direction we give it by those thoughts, words and deeds.

Any good sorcerer knows that it takes focus, intent and then surrender to the higher power, allowing it to work through them. They know they are not doing the work. They know that they are merely directors. The Power is already here. We do not have to create it. We are not creators. We are directors. We all have the gift. How will we use it today.

We recently shared in a class with Rev. Diane Decker about Christian D. Larson, who wrote many books about how to use our forces. He is responsible for the Optimist Creed. I invite us all to look it up and begin to use it as our Manual for Magic. If we were to embody each of the promises in the Optimist Creed, I believe we would begin to see the miracles that are already here. We would also transform the dark into light.

We can live in the upper realm, where light and love and true power reside or we can continue to live down in race consciousness and the world of appearances, trying to fix things superficially. If we want to be true sorcerers with good magic, we bring the upper realms into the lower realms and shine light on them, feed them truth. Thoughts, words and deeds aligned for good are magic. We all have it. Let us increase those of us who use it, and let us use it consistently in all our affairs.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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