What If?

What if today, each of us were to just allow something greater than our circumstances move through us? What if we were to relax and trust that all is really well? What if every word that came out of our mouth came from the highest place of Love? What if we were to look out and we were to focus only on seeing the beauty of life no matter what appeared before us? What if we weren’t afraid, but knew we were always safe? What if there were a well of joy within us that we could rest in at any moment? What if peace were at the center of our Soul? What if we were so powerful that we could bring anything forth into our experience? What if every word that we spoke was filled with Power? What if every word we spoke was the Word of creation? What if we really had everything we required to overflowing in every moment to include health, wealth, love and creativity?

All these things are not “what ifs.” All these ideas above are the Truth of us. Within each of us lies dormant the key to full expression of our Highest Self. We are powerful beyond measure. There is no effort in unleashing this Power. There is only one pre-requisite. We must truly recognize and believe in our Unity with the whole, and then live as we believe.

Ernest Holmes wrote, “The Power of God within us is like a sleeping giant that must be awakened that it may spring into action.”

Let us wake up!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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