Pure Imagination

“Come with me…And you’ll be…In a world of…Pure imagination
Take a look…And you’ll see…Into your imagination…”
(from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)
Ernest Holmes wrote, “We did not make Life but we can use it; and the use of Life is through the imagination.”
What a gift we have. It has been proven that through the use of our imagination we do create. The question is how do we use our imagination. Many times, we are not using it constructively. We see the results. I don’t want to focus on that now, for that would be focusing on what I do not want.
We can start new right now and using our will or choice, and promise ourselves to use our imagination constructively. We can be like little children before we were told that there was no such thing as Santa, or that magic was just a trick, or that we could not have everything we want, or that we have to work hard in life.
Just relax for a moment and imagine what it is you want out of this life. Can you feel what it would feel like to have it before it appears? It is in the feeling that creations are born. If we could take even five minutes a day and sit with ourselves and imagine what it is we would like to see unfold in our life, feel the experience and give gratitude for it, we would be planting the seed for our new life in that moment. I know because I have proved this over and over. I have also proved the opposite by imagining the things I do not want and getting caught in the spiral that only goes downward.
There is an exercise that I have learned that you can do too. Center in your heart for just a moment. Breathe into this space and just allow yourself bathe in the love that resides there. Do not try to make anything happen. Just rest and allow. Sometimes it helps to think of someone or some creature that you love a great deal. Let the love flow from there and then picture it going out into the world, circling you and out into the whole planet. Then from that place just imagine what it would be like to experience your heart’s desire. How it would feel to live it. Give gratitude for it and let it go. You do not have to do anything. There is a Power within each of us greater than we are that will bring it into manifestation in the perfect time. Once we feel the gratitude for it, once we bask in the feeling, everything in the Universe will conspire with us to make it so. We will get nudges and direction of what is ours to do. We will meet people. Synchronicity will become a way of life. What seems like the miraculous will occur, but it will just become everyday life for us.
Our imagination is God in us expressing itself. We are using Life itself when we use our imagination. Let us use it with love, and grace for ourselves and our planet
Love and Aloha,
Rev. Rita

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