The Never-Ending Journey of Healing

What is healing? In my Faith, it is revealing our true selves, our Divinity, which is always perfect. “My affairs are in the hands of the Universe, which guides the planets in their course. And which causes the Sun to shine,” wrote Ernest Holmes. If this is true, then we could never want or be denied anything. However, humanity continues to experience illness, both emotional, mental and physical. Humanity continues to seek healing.

As I study the path of healing, I am catapulted back 4000 years to ancient Egypt and Rome where there were healing temples. There was communication with the gods of that time. People were enticed into trances and healings apparently took place. As time progressed, the medical world took over with healing medicines, surgeries and all sorts of ways in which to accomplish healing. Healing in all areas sometimes worked and sometimes did not. Then of course, there was Jesus, the great Healer, who was said to have healed and brought the dead back to life.

And now, today, Quantum Physics has stepped in and said we are not Cause and Effect, but causing effect in every moment. When we become imbalanced in our energy through stress, and emotional experiences, when we identify with matter more than with the Spirit, we become susceptible to the earth’s laws. We become part of the Law of Averages, which just means we become part of the earth’s programing of disease and recovery or death. The work is to become in-tuned with the Quantum field of unlimited possibilities. We are also investigating and proving that the Placebo Effect is very real.

Again, it seems this struggle to heal ourselves has gone on since we’ve been on this planet. What is it and why does the quest for health continue? Will it always be part of who we are in this earth experience? Why is it so important that we conquer it? We don’t like being sick. It hurts. We don’t want to die. It’s unknown to us.  However, we continue to experience both.

Well, for myself, right now. I have only one answer to all of this: I surrender. I am  no longer part of the story that is trying to make everyone well. I surrender instead to being all I can be no matter what might be going on in my physical body. I feel healthy, but I refuse to walk the tightrope of the masses, wondering when the next shoe will drop. I surrender to just living a health-filled, powerful life, no matter what. I can rest in the assurance of many who have come before me who lived in surrender. One of the greatest of these was Stephen Hawking.

Surrender should not be confused with giving up. For me, it simply means that I have trust and faith in the journey of my life. Spirit has never deserted me and no matter what a future might hold, I know it never will desert me.  I live now in the present moment.

Today, I invite us all to live powerfully. No matter what is occurring in our lives, I invite us to stop trying to fix it and to live fully as true selves. There is nothing to fix. I heard a lecture in which one of the doctors of Quantum Physics, Joe Dispenza said that spontaneous healings came to the people he worked with at the moment that they surrendered. They didn’t care whether they had the disease or not. As they went deeper, into their true selves, the idea of illness was no longer important to them. The times I’ve healed in my own life have been when I surrendered. At those times, everything came in to lead me on the path of healing.

Healing might continue to hold our attention or we might just realize that its been here all the time and we don’t have to think about it anymore. I know there is a place within each of us that has never been sick or emotionally upset or mentally disturbed. I surrender to that place and let all else be.

I believe that healing will never be accomplished by struggling with illness. The fights against this and that do not accomplish anything. The miraculous advances in medicine have come in the moment when someone was inspired by an idea. Healing will be finally accomplished by letting go, by removing its threat, by living in unity and wholeness with all of creation.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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