Jack-in-the Box

When I was a child, I had a jack-in-the-box. For those of you who do not know what that is, it was a box that usually contained a clown-like figure. The box had a crank on the side and when I turned it, it played music and at a certain point, the top flipped open and out of the box popped the figure. It never came out at the same time, so it kind of startles you, usually eliciting a nervous giggle.

Now looking back on it, I wonder why a young children, like myself, took such delight in this toy, and the element of surprise that it carried with it. Perhaps it was the expectation that something was going to happen, but the uncertainty of when. Perhaps, it was the addiction we sometimes have to suspense. Filmmakers and authors use the element of suspense all the time. It sells books and stories.

As time progressed, and I put aside childlike jack-in-the-boxes, I carried with me the metaphor of expectations and uncertainty. I tried my best to expect the best, but I was often uncertain of how or if it would ever be. However, the feeling that I got when something did pop up in my life that took me by surprise in a good way was a feeling that I relished and wished to repeat. I thought it was chance and I wondered if it would happen again.

I remember this feeling when I was cast on a T.V. show in Los Angeles. I didn’t have the belief system that I do now and I felt that a sort of luck had overtaken my life in that moment. As I walked around the set on the day of shooting, I remember thinking, I’ll never experience this again or if I do, it will be hard coming.

But, now, my life is not like a jack in the box. Yes, I do turn the crank, but I actually know what it is I am turning it for. I expect it to manifest and I am not surprised when it does. In fact, I am really surprised when it doesn’t. Then, I have to go back within and find out what doubt or fear or lack of belief was in my way. I get back to work on my faith, my belief, my focus and my knowing that life is not about chance things popping up, but about a clear and directed path that allows the Universe to move through me doing its part and letting me know what is to be done by me.

So where are you in your life? Do you turn the crank of your life in uncertainty? Is someone else turning it for you, allowing you to wait for something to happen on their terms? Or, are you turning the crank of life, fully clear, feeling supported by the Universe and ready to turn it over and over until you arrive at your desired experience.

The Universe does work in perfect time. We do not always know when something is going to manifest in form, but we know that it has already manifested in the Divine Mind. Our turning the crank is just us working on our consciousness, becoming clearer with each turn, working on faith and trust and never giving up. The Universe is always turning the crank in our favor. What pops up in our life is a direct message and answer of where we need to do our work next. It is all worth giving gratitude for.

Jack-in-the boxes work with springs that pop open the lid when it is tight enough and can’t stand the pressure. Let us turn our cranks with lots of gratitude. It means that we already know life is popping up in our favor. Gratitude is the one energy that is sure to quickly pop our life into action for our highest good.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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