Where Are You?

In the studies of different philosophies and religions, something similar comes up, although it is stated in different ways. Sometimes it is called states of consciousness. Sometimes it is spoken of as different mansions in a house. Sometimes it is called kingdoms. There are four that I would like to focus on right now. I will call them states of consciousness.

The first one is where most of us either do reside or have resided in the past. It is the state of consciousness that lives as though things are done to us. Everything is out there. We are being acted upon by our outside environment. Things just happen to us. I resided in this state for much of my earlier life. It was natural to be here because I didn’t understand anything else. I believed in an outside God who judged me. People got sick. People died. Wars happened. I just happened to be there experiencing whatever it was that was occurring.

The next state of consciousness is the one where we think we are actually doing it all. It is done by us. I’ve been in this state, too. I still can go here. It is the times when we are the ones trying so hard to make something happen. Life is hard and we work hard. We want something, and we will do or die to make it happen. If we do not do it, who will?

The next state of consciousness is the consciousness that feels that there is a Power that works through us. We believe in something greater than we are and we are using it. It is working through us if we allow it to do so. We breathe into it when life gets difficult. I remember a time when I was ill and I just surrendered to something greater than myself to work through me and guide me. I think for much of my time now, I am pretty good at staying in this state of consciousness. However, like all of us, I slip back. But, the good thing is that I know better now and recognize it.

The next state of consciousness and highest state that we know of right now is the consciousness that Jesus was said to be of. It is the one that says, the Power works as us. Call it God. Call it Universe. I and the Father/Mother/Source are one. We are it and it is us. It is not working through us. It is working as us as we sit at the helm of unlimited creation. In this consciousness, there is no doubt in our mind that we are not just one with but absorbed in God. Have I ever been to this state of consciousness? Yes, I think we all have. It is those times when we are so sure that peace is here. We know. We experience moments of illumination that cannot be described only felt. We feel the oneness.

What I know about all of this is that we are where we are, but we can move from consciousness to consciousness anytime we want. It is a conscious decision that makes it happen. It is a choice to live a certain way, to bring that consciousness with us wherever we are or whatever we are experiencing. It doesn’t mean that we do not travel into the lower consciousness when needed. Maybe a friend is there that needs us. We can sit in the dark. However, if we are also in the dark, it does not good. Instead, when we have light, we can sit in the dark and be okay with it and actually bring the light with us to help. We do not have to force anyone to be where we are at. We are compassionate. We are strong.

I am excited to be aware of these states of consciousness once again and to know that the evolution that is taking place now is moving us to the higher realms. As Gregg  Braden, author and pioneer in bridging science and spirituality would say, “we are moving from evolution by chance to transformation by choice.”

I invite us to ask ourselves where we are at in consciousness. I believe knowing where we are and choosing where we would like to be and working at it, will bring about many shifts not just in our lives, but in the life of our planet.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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