Inexhaustible, Limitless, No Bounds!

My husband and I have recently made it a goal to finally travel to abroad next year. We are also in the process of deciding whether or not we want to buy a house. We are also looking forward to moving our Center to a larger venue in two years. We also have other goals in the making and more ideas blossom in us everyday. I am finding myself in a highly creative state, more than ever before.

As I think about all this, I am reminded how unlimited the Universe and the Power of Spirit is. If I were to think of these goals materialistically or only with what I see in front of me right now, I would pull back. I would begin to doubt. However, what I know is that what a person can conceive and believe he/she can achieve. This is the Truth that has proven Itself through the ages. It has proven itself to me at various times in my life.

We are unlimited and the way to unlimited living is this. Jump out of the box of what has come before. Leave the past burdens behind and jump into the now. Jump out of the box of what you think you can do and let go of preconceived notions of what is achievable and unachievable. Open up and surrender to the Power greater than you are that you can use. You can use It, because it is your very breath.

I do a meditation almost every day where I am asked to become nobody, to risk being in the unknown and to let go of everything I think I am. It takes practice to go to this place, but when I do, I then begin to paint pictures in my mind of the life I would like to experience. I give thanks for it already being so. I awake from my meditation with renewed energy that I bring to my day.

I am beginning to realize to a greater extent how important visualization is accompanied by Spiritual Mind Treatment. I also understand that being in a state of gratitude is the energy that fuels our lives to greater expression.  It is not about getting things; it is about getting out-of-the-way of the Power of the Universe that is already pouring through each of us. Life is the gift that each of us is given. The gift we give back to the Universe is how we use Life.

Ernest Holmes wrote, “The Universe is inexhaustible. It is limitless, knows no bounds and has no confines. We are not depending on a reed shaken by the wind, but on the Principle of Life Itself, for all that we have or ever shall need. It is not some power or a great power, it is ALL POWER. All we have to do is believe, never wavering, no matter what happens. As we do this, we shall find that things are steadily coming our way and that they are coming without that awful effort which destroys the peace of mind of the majority of the race. We know that there can be no failure in God’s Mind, and this Mind is the Power on which we are depending.”

My success is non-negotiable and so is yours.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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