In the World; Not Of It

Well, yesterday is over and it was quite a day. I would have to say that I found myself moving through my day as intended and ending up in a total different experience. However, is this really the case?

We left for Costco to do our big shopping for the Center and ourselves. We’d been having a little warning with our car that was set to be serviced today. Upon leaving, both my husband and I got the nudge not to take the car on this trip into Lihue, but to use the car that we were watching for a friend. We ignored that slight nudge.

To make a long story short, the car completely shut down in the parking lot of Costco with $$$ of groceries in our trunk. Of course, Spiritual Mind Treatment always comes first. Mine was for the perfect unfoldment of this experience with ease and grace. This is just what we received.

One of our beautiful CSL members came quickly to our aid to drive me back home with the groceries. She is a Uber Driver and when I offered to pay, she simply said, this gives me a chance to do something for you. The towing service covered by our insurance showed up early and took my husband to the car repair shop, where our appointment was already scheduled for the next day.

The whole ordeal brought us home at exactly the time we had planned to get home without this side trip. We remained calm, centered and in the knowing the whole way through. The added blessing to me was the fact that this shut down of the car didn’t happen while we were driving. It could have been very dangerous. There are many other sychronicities that occurred that I do not need to go into. So, I’ll get to my point.

The Universe is always conspiring in our favor. Cars do breakdown, but it doesn’t mean we have to breakdown, too. One thing I know, is that I am always equipped for whatever experience I am in. I have the choice to react in nervous panic, gloom and doom or to calmly trust that everything is unfolding. Spiritual Mind Treatment always helps me center and direct my experience. I leave the rest to the Universe.

Someone asked me why their life seemed so good while their relatives were suffering with huge issues. This is a very good question, and I am going to answer it with my understanding of my truth.  It all boils down to consciousness. The way we experience life and perceive it is through our consciousness. It is not about the experiences that are happening; it is about who is having them. Whether it is a health crisis or financial upheaval in our life or a flat tire, who is having the experience? Either someone who knows that a Power greater than they are backs them and carries them through, or it is the finite self that is just trying to get through in panic and trying to manipulate everything in the material world.  How much good can we accept?

I believe that the more we can be grateful for everything in our life and the more we can find the gift, the more our life will bring the gift. Just think, I would never have had the opportunity to have the great conversation I had driving with my CSL member yesterday. She uplifted me and I uplifted her.

We are bigger than anything that shows up in our life. We bring God to our experiences, not our experiences to God. We are not groveling victims; we are powerful beings of love and light. The more we start acting like this, the more our lives will show up that way.

Life is one continuous journey of expansion. We are always spiraling upwards, if we can let go of the tethers that bind us and instead let ourselves fly through and above the world of matter. Matter and Spirit our one and we are causing effect every day. We are in this world, but we do not have to be of it. It is always a choice.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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