What Goes Around Comes Around

Today in the midst of the hearing concerning, Judge Brett Kavanaugh the Supreme Court nominee and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, I have many feelings. I will not go into the politics of this, nor take a side on what is right and what is wrong or who is lying or telling the truth. Let everyone draw their own conclusions.

What I do want to talk about is this: We are Spiritual Beings living in a Spiritual Universe governed by our use of the Law of Cause and Effect. This is Principle and I stick by it. We are all using the one Power in every moment either consciously or unconsciously. It is our journey in the Science of Mind and Spirit to use it consciously for the highest good of ourselves and all.

Unfortunately, throughout our history as a human species we see over and over the misuse of this Law or one Power for destruction. Remember, there is only one Power. We choose the way we use it. One of the most famous misuses of this one Law is that of Adolf Hitler. His misuse and all who collaborated with him brought great tragedy and suffering upon the Jewish people and also other groups, such as gays, gypsies and anyone who went against him.

So, we ask, how can this happen? How can a person use the Power consciously to destroy and get away with it? This is the simplest answer I can give. The Law is a law of liberty. We all get to choose in every moment. However, it is not a law of license. We do not get to use it and not suffer the consequences of that use. Eventually, everything is justified and brought into balance. We can never break this Law. It says yes to the seeds we plant.  However, we can break ourselves upon it.

What I believe about all that is occurring in our society today is that a greater Law is making itself known. All will be justified. A new age is coming and because the light is getting so bright, the darkness is showing itself in one last effort to stop the rising of consciousness. As Rev. Donna Michael put it  once, “It is the last gasp of a dying fear.”

Although we do need to do our part to be conscious and vigilant about what is ours to do in our ever-changing social arena, we do not have to worry ourselves or fret about the prevailing consciousness of doom and anger. Everything will be justified by this Power that is the great harmonizer. We must use it consciously and be even more conscious now of our use of it. We can tip the scales as we rise in the consciousness of love and not get swallowed up in the fear and hatred.

This is a Universe of harmony and order and balance. If we look out at nature we can see this. Because we have choice, it might take us a little longer to come around to the truth, but the truth does always win out in the end. The meek shall inherit the earth and those who have come last will come first. If we look back at history, we are witness to those things and people that we seek to emulate and they are the ones that are the most compassionate, loving and filled with integrity. Let us move forward with that consciousness.

If we are wondering what to do now, I invite us all to stay strong in love, speak our truth, take action. and have courage. Take the higher road of consciousness and you will begin to see everything with new eyes. We should take care of our own lives and relationships now more than ever. Let love begin at home in an even greater way.

I give thanks for all the people who come forward and speak their word of truth despite the fear of appearing the fool and even in fear of losing their own lives and everything they hold dear. All will be justified. The great Law within all of us is the great equalizer. As we are bringing everything forward to be revealed, It will make coherence out of chaos.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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